Irwin Pipe Clamp vs. Tool Shop Pipe Clamp

Irwin Clamps
Comparing the Irwin Pipe Clamp and the Tool Shop Pipe Clamp first use out of the box. One of these clamps is good the other is complete garbage.

I do not like to string people along so here is the bottom line up front: DO NOT PURCHASE THE TOOL SHOP BRAND PIPE CLAMPS.  They are completely lacking basic quality control, the threads did not seem to match the clamp, vital pins that hold the ball joint and clamping foot together was falling out.  If you’re still wondering if you should buy Tool Shop vs the Irwin, check out the video.

My Irwin Pipe Clamp vs. Tool Shop Pipe Clamp video on YouTube.

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  1. Question: Which pipe clamps do you prefer (any pipe clamps not just Irwin or Tool Shop)?

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